Mar - 2021

The Lawrence Branding

Naming Theme:

Lawrence is a one of a kind brand name that stands for a person,not a place.

He is both welcoming and dignified; as is the tone of the whole portfolio. 


THE LAWRENCE brand mark consists of Two words These Two words have a fixed size and position relative to each other,

which have been created as master artwork files. Our brand mark should not be redrawn, reset or altered in any way.


An area of clear space has been defined to protect the integrity of THE LAWRENCE mark. 
This space should remain free of any elements such as text,graphics, imagery and other logos.

A minimum size has also been established for our marks to ensure quality in reproduction. 
The marks are always measured by their width.


THE LAWRENCE Brand mark relies on the use of a limited color palette to create a classic premium feeling for the brand.


THE LAWRENCE brand uses two typefaces.
Acumin Variable Concept is the headline typeface and body typeface for all touchpoints in both print and digital.

29LT Bukra Bold is the Arabic headline typeface and the Regular for body copy typeface arabic. 


The main pattern symbolizes The flow of sauce on the dishes with a unique design.


The examples on the following pages illustrate how the THE LAWRENCE brand

can be brought to life across various print and digital touchpoints.

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