Fit Pharaohs Championship Egypt 2021 Logo Design and Branding

A creative sprint
for the sport of bodybuilders


A few weeks ago, Dawayer team studied the question of the visual identity of the Fit Pharaohs Championship Egypt 2021. Imagine an impossible timetable (only 10 days to send a response....) So we offered a creative sprint to our teams. Here is the project we have collectively imagined.and we presented it in that short time and we are proud of the result we reached, which won the admiration of the responsible authorities


Fit Pharaohs Logo Concept The Egyptian God Anubis

Concept of the logo:

The Egyptian God Anubis



Weigher of hearts One of the roles of Anubis was the role of "the keeper of the scales. Dead, Anubis appears as he performs an analogy that determines the fate of people. Therefore, Anubis is considered an example of justice and a symbol of strength. It is one of the most widespread symbols in the ancient Egyptian civilization and one of the most prominent gods."

A sporty boost:

A sporty boost: Strong lines highlight the muscles

and express the strength of the sport that the logo reflects

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